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SCADA Engine Training Courses

SCADA Engine offers training in Melbourne Australia on a scheduled basis. This is typically a 3 day Training Course at our Training Facilities. On-site training at a customer's site may also be scheduled. SCADA Engine training is designed to give attendees detailed technical information and hands-on experience with the SCADA Engine System.

New OEM's are encouraged to complete the 3 day training course which covers all aspects of the installation and configuration of a BACnet system using the SCADA Engine BACnet Operator Workstation, the BPRC Plant Room controller and integrating this with BACnet controls from other manufactures.

Training Schedule:

  • BPRC Plant Room Controller Software Installation.
  • Configuration of BACnet Devices.
  • Configuring BACnet Objects.
  • SCADA Engine BACScript Scripting Language.
  • SCADA Engine BACnet Operator Workstation.
  • SCADA Engine Web Server and Web Client configuration.